Consumer Product Safety Commission 16 CFR Part 1203: Safety Standard for Bicycle HelmetsDUALSAFETYCERTIFICATIONSBICYCLESKATEBOARD

SUMMARY:  Pursuant to the Children”™s Bicycle Helmet Safety Act of 1994, the Commission is issuing a safety standard that will require all bicycle helmets to meet impact-attenuation and other requirements. The standard establishes requirements derived from one or more of the voluntary standards applicable to bicycle helmets. In addition, the standard includes requirements specifically applicable to children”™s helmets and requirements to prevent helmets from coming off during an accident. The standard also contains testing and recordkeeping requirements to ensure that bicycle helmets meet the standard”™s requirements. DATES: Effective Date: This rule is effective March 10, 1999. Applicability Dates: This rule applies to bicycle helmets manufactured after March 10, 1999. Interim mandatory standards that went into effect on March 17, 1995, will continue to apply to bicycle helmets manufactured from March 17, 1995, until March 10, 1999, inclusive. In addition, as of March 10, 1998, firms will have the option of marketing helmets meeting the standard in this final rule before its effective date. Incorporation by Reference: The incorporation by reference of certain publications listed in the rule is approved by the Director of the Federal Register as of March 10, 1999.