The Shell –

Green Camo


GREEN CAMO is a tribute to our men and women in the Armed Forces.

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About The Shell

Just trying to blend in, nothing to see here! GREEN CAMO is a tribute to our men and women in the Armed Forces and for the kids who want to be just like them.

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Clean the headgear with mild soap and water only. The use of any solvents, paints or decals can cause damage to the helmet and make it ineffective in the result of an accident.

KEEP HELMET OUT OF EXTREME HEAT: Helmets will be damaged if exposed to temperatures exceeding 150° F. Dark vehicles and storage bags can exceed this on very hot days. Heat damaged helmets will have random disfigured areas where the texture appears bubbly and uneven. If damaged, helmets should be destroyed and replaced immediately.


The brainskinz™ helmet with Dial Fit is sized as a “Medium”. It fits most melons age 5 and up. To be sure, take a measuring tape and measure around the wearer’s head above the brow, around the back of the head. The Dial Fit measures at its smallest 21″ (53.34 cm) and at its biggest 24.5″ (62.23 cm).